Hi, I am Lucia Gonzalez!

Front-End Developer at Atrium HQ.

I love to combine my experience in automating processes and helping customers, to create great web applications. At the moment I write a lot of React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

After my Economics Degree and 5+ years working at different startups in Operations, Billing, and Customer Support, I decided to make a career change and started learning to code.

Neigborhood Map

Neighborhood map in React

Map app that shows a city with the best locations pulled from the Foursquare API. React JS, HTML, and CSS.

Race Calculator

Race Calculator

An app to calculate the running pace or the running time of a race, with distances in miles or km. React JS, HTML, and CSS.

Note Taking App

Note Taking App

A minimal application for taking notes. Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.



The classic game for two players also known as noughts and crosses, responsive and mobile-ready. React JS, HTML, and CSS.

Books App

My Reads

An app that tracks the books you’re reading. Content is stored in an API and validated with local storage. React JS, HTML, and CSS.

Memory Game

JavaScript Memory Game

An addictive game based on the popular matching pairs of cards, responsive and mobile-ready. Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Restaurant App

Restaurant Reviews

An app showing the restaurants of a city, responsive, accessible and with visited pages available offline. Vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Pixel Art Maker

Pixel Art Maker

An app that allows users to draw pixel art on a customizable canvas. HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

GitHub Logo

More projects in GitHub!

I’m constantly learning and sharing my progress in GitHub so other people can lear in the community. Have a look!